Nyack College History

The Landmark History of Nyack College Since 1882

Pursuing Our Mission from the Start

Founded in 1882, Nyack College is rooted in its commitment to academic excellence and spiritual development. Established as an educational institution of The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA), Nyack College has been training men and women for global impact since its inception. What started as one man’s burning desire to see the gospel taken to all nations has become an institution with 35,000 graduates faithfully serving in 90 countries around the globe.

Nyack College History

Where We Are Today

Now more than ever, the world needs leaders who are grounded in faith and integrity, who are innovative and entrepreneurial, and who are devoted to making a difference. Nyack College  is committed to developing such leaders.

We look ahead focused on four foundational areas we believe best prepare our graduates to be difference-makers: Students, Academics, Values, and Economics (SAVE).


Through a community focused on the student’s spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being, our College is best situated to graduate students who are not only prepared to succeed in a competitive market but will impact the world no matter their chosen profession.


We believe in learning both inside and outside the classroom, powered by a gifted body of professors. We recruit the best faculty in the metropolitan area with over 82% holding doctorate degrees. Our professors are not only active professionals in their fields but are committed to Christian higher education. Academics are not just about classrooms but impactful experiences through paid internships, study abroad and unique NYC-based opportunities.


Nyack College graduates students who are empowered in a unique Christian environment. Located in the heart of NYC, our College integrates the opportunities of the city with the multi-faceted needs of our students and their individual learning paths. We offer a breadth of city opportunities while not losing sight of our mission to serve others and our Lord Jesus Christ.


We are committed to welcoming all students to our community. A leading private institution, Nyack College  maintains a competitive tuition rate and offers scholarships, grants, work-study, paid internships and financial aid. We proudly assist 97% of students with financial assistance to make an NC education possible