From Life’s Interruptions to Inspiring Classrooms – Ella’s Journey through NC’s CUP Program

Ella’s Journey Begins

Ella Grace Baker acknowledges life’s interruptions but recognizes her calling to inspire as she navigates a diverse background in the food industry and raising children.

Ella’s Teaching Aspirations at Nyack College

Ella embraces the opportunity to pursue her teaching dreams at Nyack College in the United States, sparked by her daughter’s enrollment in primary teaching.

Nyack’s Response with the CUP Course

Facing the challenge of a career change, Ella finds solace in Nyack College’s Certificate in University Preparation (CUP), tailored for those like her seeking additional academic preparation.

Preparing for Success: Ella’s CUP Journey

With a goal to become a high school teacher, Ella dives into the one-semester CUP course, ensuring success in her pursuit by acquiring essential skills for degree preparation.

Ella’s Bachelor in Business Pursuit

In just six months, Ella, alongside students like her, prepares for an undergraduate degree, taking control of her life and future career with a focus on a Bachelor in Business.

The Essence of CUP

The Certificate of University Preparation equips students, including Ella, with vital skills and confidence essential for success in tertiary study and future endeavors.

Ella’s Smooth Transition

Administered by Nyack College‘s Pathways College, Ella experiences a seamless transition into the tertiary environment at the New York campus, enjoying full access to facilities and services.

Ella’s Journey Beyond Nyack

Completion of CUP not only positions Ella for success at Nyack but opens doors to all U.S. universities, aligning with her vision for a fulfilling teaching career on a broader scale.